Niko Pirosmani

Georgian artist

P irosmani is not simply a harmoniously sounding Georgian name.

Our restaurant is named in the honor of the great Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani. His works are included in our interior design. Niko Pirosmani has glorified Georgia before the whole world, and we are proud of the fact that the creative heritage of this painter is a part of the Georgian culture.

The real name of Niko Pirosmani is Nikolay Aslanovich Pirosmanashvili. He was born in 1862 in Mirzaani village in an ordinary peasant family. When Niko was eight years old his father died, followed by his mother and big brother. Niko has faced deprivation and difficult life, but that hasn’t broken his spirit. Aiming for the best remained the main tendency in his child’s soul. Niko hadn’t received any formal education. “My brush paints by itself”, he used to say. The desire to create was natural for Pirosmani. He learned painting from wandering artists did some signboards for dining rooms and pubs. Then some time later he finally could open a workshop, but, unfortunately, it hasn’t brought any normal income for various reasons. Besides, the only thing that really interested the artist was the process of painting. He worked days and nights, creating in a naive-primitive manner signboards for dukhans (dining rooms) and entertainment institutions. He painted pictures from life of townspeople, landscapes, still-lifes, images of animals. Niko never thought about such things as hunger or money. Inhabitants of Tbilisi where he has lived most of his life, said that Pirosmanashvili was a bit strange. He asserted that he saw the Saints… It is not known, whether some Holy Spirit supervised his work, but in the wordly life Pirosmani hasn’t succeeded at all – he died in 1918 of hunger. The “dry law” came and his income from creating signboards came to naught.


Niko Pirosmani really created on the border of two worlds

Paintings by Niko became really popular shortly before his death
when a number of artists started talking about the talent of Pirosmani


P irosmanashvili

the world of spirit was more close to him during lifetime …Pirosmani, with his naive-poetic vision of the world, has created many paintings. The spirit of their characters is internally dramatic and outwardly quiet, romantic. Products of Pirosmanashvili’s work combine static characters with fluid timeline, as if action is stretched in time. Strict, reserved color with introduction of few bright color stains… The House museum of Pirosmani is situated in his native land, in Mirzaani village.
Next time when you hear the song “One Million Scarlet Roses”, which was written about Pirosmani’s rejected love to actress Margarita, salute the artist with a glass of good Georgian wine!