Correctly chosen drinks and especially wine can pleasantly complement your choice of food, improve your mood and become the soul of the company. Georgian cuisine has always been famous for the fact that the wine flows like water. Yes, the same toast – they are inconceivable without wine! But what is surprising – they never become too drunk and act obscene. The secret lies in the quality of the wine consumed and a special attitude to it which goes along with every Georgian. Wine, if it is drunk in moderation, cleanses the blood vessels, strengthens the nerves and promotes longevity. Classical Georgian cuisine restaurant Pirosmani offers a great variety of Georgian wines, many of which are in Estonia you can taste only here. Wine each class prepared in strict accordance with the recipes handed down from generation to generation.
We recommend you review the wine list on our website to order a wine that ages, pleasing wine gourmets all over the world for its taste and bouquet. Our employees are happy to tell you about the advantages and the bouquet of a wine, to help you make the choice that is perfect for your dishes.

Restaurant Pirosmani reminds you that moderate drinking should be kept in mind! Human life is precious, take care of it, drink wisely!

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